Top 5 Sugar Daddy Websites & Apps

Nowadays, more and more young girls and mature men have come into contact with the words sugar daddy and sugar baby. Many people understand it and become a member of it, and enjoy this identity. This relationship that allows both parties to benefit each other has become a popular trend. There is also a lot of sugar daddy dating websites on the Internet. It may become a problem for newcomers to find the best sugar daddy website. By interviewed many real sugar daddies and sugar babies, combined with their own experience and evaluation, and after a long review, now we have listed 5 best sugar daddy sites and legit sugar daddy appsfor sugar daddy and sugar baby to choose.

No.1 Sugar Daddy Meet 5 stars

Sugar Daddy MeetThe No 1 is Sugar Daddy Meet, founded in 2004 and has a large membership. There are only male sugar daddies and female sugar babies, and the sugar daddies are from the RICHEST TOP 20+ countries in the world. This sugar daddy dating site seems to have a special review system to ensure the quality of its members, and also ensure that members who go to their website can enjoy every arrangement, through the feelings and review of the interviewees, Sugar Daddy Meet gives them the feeling is the best, this is the first choice.

No.2 Seeking (Seeking Arrangement) 4 stars

Seeking ArrangementSeeking changed its name from Seeking Arrangement.The sugar dating site has always been a large sugar daddy dating site, and their number is large. The business area consists of 139 countries with a total of more than 10 million members. College sugar babies have a high reputation for SA because they can become premium members for free(Only use the school mail registration, the mailbox ending with .edu ). At the same time, we received comments from members of countries that are not so rich in our review interviews, and they all have an extremely good experience with this website. Based on the business scope and number of members of the SA, it is ranked NO 2.

No.3 Millionaire Match 4 stars

Seeking ArrangementMillionaire Match has been named "Best Website" by Forbes, and its members are wealthy people from all over the world. Their identities include high-income occupations such as CEOs, lawyers, doctors, professional athletes, singers, and Hollywood actors. Since its inception in 2001, the site has joined more than 4 million users. It can be seen that the website has a great influence on the global circle of rich people. Only a small percentage of our investigators have joined the site, but more than 90% know Millionaire Match and are interested in joining the site.

No.4 Whats Your Price 3 stars

Whats Your PriceWhats Your Price is really a good website. Unlike the traditional Sugar Daddy website, you can indicate your price directly here or ask the sugar daddy for a quote. So there are a lot of girls here, and most of the sugar babies in our interviews gave their prices on it. The site was created in 2010 but is growing rapidly. The content is rich, and even Forbes has commented on it.

No.5 Sugar Daddy For Me 3 stars

Sugar Daddy For MeAs the No 4 Sugar Daddy website we reviewed, Sugar Daddy For Me is also a large website with 4 million members and new sugar babies and sugar daddies to join every day. As a new user, Sugar Daddy For Me offers a three-day free trial to showcase their features and engage users in their long-term use of their website. But in terms of website design, the website's homepage does appear to be somewhat outdated.