Lies that people say when they are dating online

online dating liesEveryone wants to look more beautiful, more rich, and more attractive on the Sugar Daddy Dating website. These are enough to give them more dating opportunities. These are some data from a well-known dating site that conducts experiments on users and publishes their findings. Because people who don't know about it on the Internet, people will lie with several typical lies when they are dating online.

1. "I am 70 inches tall"

Fact: People are actually 2.5 inches shorter than the claimed height

This is a quirky thing that happens often: when you declare yourself 63 inches, this person usually has only 61 inches; and once it reaches 64 inches, people will claim to have 66 inches. This gives people the feeling that all the people around them are very tall.
Height is hard to prove, because a sugar daddy online dating site can't take a tape measure to register a member's home to measure people's actual height (which doesn't sound like a neuropathy?) So when you chat online with a person, Please don't trust the height of a piece of his information.

2. "I earn $100,000 a year"

Fact: People's actual income is 20% lower than the claimed income.

People always lie about income. On the Sugar Daddy Dating website, many young girls are always eager to find men with a particularly high annual income and claim that the higher the income, the more popular, such things have hurt many single girls. The older the person, the higher the income lie.

3. "This is my most recent photo"

Fact: The more attractive the photo looks, the more likely it is to be an old photo.

This famous website uses the Exif format of the photos (including the aperture, shutter, focal length, time and date, etc.), and finds that those beautiful photos that are popular are generally taken earlier than other photos. And in many of the photos, some are downloaded from the Internet by people who chat with you online. This requires you to distinguish its authenticity.

4. "I am a bisexual"

Fact: 80% of people who claim to be bisexual are single-oriented

This famous website surveyed users who marked themselves as bisexual and found that they had accounts on many online dating sites, and they generally only sent messages to people of single-sex when chatting, only 23% of them would Both sexes are interested. But it's also possible because they are really single-minded when using other websites, but they may have had different temperaments a long time ago.